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Filton Oil Filter Manufacturer & Supplier

Filton is a professional oil filter factory, oil filter manufacturer and oil filter supplier that provides high temperature resistant and carbonized filter paper with composite fiber which is used to make the filter effect efficient. The high-strength steel shell with one stretch leakage proof is suitable for static pressure blasting test. The interface thread of the Filton oil filter adopts hydraulic tapping, with clear texture, high thread strength, and a clean and smooth thread mouth. As one of the leading engine oil filter manufacturers, car filter suppliers, car oil filter manufacturers and automotive oil filter manufacturers, Filton oil filter uses heat curing plastic sol seal which has good airtightness to prevent oil overflow.


Popular Oil Filter at Filton


Check valve to prevent oil backflow

Ensure that the engine is lubricated for the first time

Poor quality oil filter without check valve

Qualified Auto Oil Filter Unqualified Oil Filter

  1. Carbon spring steel wire has stable high temperature performance and long life elasticity

  1. Ordinary spring steel wire, poor elasticity

oil filter factory

2. The opening pressure of bypass valve can provide cold start protection for engine according to OE standard

automotive oil filter manufacturers2. The bypass valve does not set the opening pressure. When the engine is running, the oil directly passes through the bypass valve without filtration, causing engine wear

3. Phenolic resin anti carbonization filter paper, uniform pore size distribution, high stiffness, burst resistance, strong weather resistance, etc

The paper folding is evenly distributed, the filtering area is maximized and the service life is longer

3. Starch paper is easy to deform and carbonize. When it is serious, the debris will enter the oil passage and cause blockage, so that the engine can not work normally

4. 0.6 mm high strength cold rolled steel plate, one-time tensile shell, conforming to static pressure burst test4. Use scrap steel plate or ultra-thin stamping shell

Oil Filter Working Principle in Filton Oil Filter Factory

An oil filter works by passing oil through a filter element made of a porous or fibrous material. As the oil passes through the filter, any contaminants in the oil are trapped in the pores of the filter material, while the clean oil is able to pass through. This helps to remove impurities from the oil and keep it clean. This is important because dirty oil can cause damage to an engine over time.

What happens if you change oil but not oil filter?

Can I change oil without changing the filter? Yes, you can, but engine oil filter manufacturers suggest that it's not usually really a good idea. This oil doesn't drain due to the anti-drain-back valve on the filter. If you don't change your filter, this old, dirty oil will become mixed with your fresh oil.

What happens if we do not change oil filter?

Oil filters trap dirt, sludge, metal particles, and other impurities in your motor oil. That's to keep the oil as clean and pure as possible, which allows it to do its best job of lubricating the inner parts of your engine. Without a good filter, the gunk could damage internal engine parts, raise engine operating temperatures through increased friction and shorten the life of your engine.

Most people change their oil according to their vehicle's manufacturer recommendations, found in the owner's manual. That can be 5,000 miles, 7,500 miles, or some other number. You'll find people who are fanatics about changing their oil every 3,000 miles — to make sure it's the cleanest, purest, and best it can be.

But a lot of owners and mechanics —many of them the same people who would never go past 3,000 miles per oil change — also would never dream of doing an oil change without also changing the filter. Their reasoning: Why pass brand-new, clean oil through a filter that's already carrying gunk from the old, dirty oil?


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