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How to Distinguish the Quality of the Oil Filter and the Precautions for Replacing the Oil Filter?

The engine is the heart of the car, and the auto oil filter is an essential component in the engine, so how to distinguish the quality of a auto oil filter? Below, Boma will introduce the elements that a high-quality oil filter should have.

Ⅰ. The elements that a high-quality auto oil filter should have

1. The filtration accuracy of the automobile oil filter can filter out all particles larger than 30μm, reducing the particles that enter the lubrication gap and cause wear.

2. The oil flow through the oil filter should be in line with the oil demand of the engine.

3. The replacement cycle is long, at least longer than the life of the oil.

4. The amount of ash in the auto oil filter should be large, which can be suitable for harsh environments.

5. Can adapt to higher oil temperature and corrosive environment.

6. The lower the pressure difference when filtering the oil, the better, to ensure that the oil can pass smoothly.

Ⅱ. How to distinguish the quality of the auto oil filter?

Generally, when we buy an automobile oil filter, we will distinguish the quality from the weight. The good quality of the filter paper inside the filter element of the oil filter is of good quality and many layers, and the poor quality of the paper is of poor quality and light. In addition, if the paint is sprayed unevenly from the casing, and it does not feel smooth to the touch, it is definitely not a high-quality filter. Note: Regardless of color, the material of different types of oil filters may be different. Some auto oil filters are sprayed with powder coating, and the color is darker!

Ⅲ. The precautions for replacing the auto oil filter are as follows:

In order to make it work better, regular maintenance is essential. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance of the filter.

For vehicles that are frequently used, every 7500km of driving should consider changing the auto oil filter. In severe conditions, such as frequent driving on dusty roads, it should be replaced every 5000km.

1. Use a auto oil filter wrench or an appropriate tool to remove the filter to prevent damage to the thread at the connection part.

2. Check and clean the installation surface of the auto oil filter, otherwise oil leakage will easily occur after installation, resulting in insufficient oil supply.

3. When installing an automobile oil filter, a layer of oil should be applied to the surface of the sealing ring to ensure reliable sealing and prevent damage to the sealing ring.

4. After starting the engine, check the height of the lubricating oil level. If the oil is insufficient, supplement the oil according to the regulations.

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