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Filton Cabin Air Filters

Filton is a professional supplier of cabin/pollen filter and manufacturer of cabin/pollen filter in China. With high-quality filtration technology, the filtration effect of the Filton cabin filter is exquisite, and the pollutants in the air are effectively excluded from the carriage. The car ac cabin filter can not only prevent external pollution from entering but also absorb harmful gas in the air, inhibit bacterial breeding, improve air quality, and protect passengers' respiratory health. As one of the best cabin filter manufacturers, Filton automotive cabin filters adopt composite high-quality coconut shell activated carbon to absorb the peculiar smell, and ensure clean and comfortable air inside the car. High-quality materials enable the filters to have strong durability and reliability at an affordable car AC air filter price.


Popular Cabin Filter at Filton


filton cabin filter
Primary filter

HEPA grade melt 

blown coating

Electrostatic cotton

Activated carbon

adsorption layer

Mould proof and

antibacterial layer

Boma Brand

Other Brands
boma brands


effect VS

other brands
Intake surface
Outgassing surface

Intake surface
Outgassing surface

What are the symptoms of a bad cabin air filter?

A symptom of a bad or failing cabin air filter is an unusual odor coming from the vehicle's interior vents. An excessively contaminated filter may produce a dusty, dirty, or musty smell. The smell may become more pronounced when the air is turned on and may make the cabin uncomfortable for the passengers.

What happens if you don't change the cabin air filter?

If you don't change your cabin air filter, the filter will become more clogged with dirt and debris and the efficiency of the filter and your car's HVAC system will be compromised. The air volume into your passenger compartment will be continually reduced which will lead to the issue of foul odors inside your car.

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