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Understanding the Function of Oil Filters and How to Replace Them

Understanding the function of oil filters

Oil filters are installed in other vehicle hydraulic systems, such as automatic transmissions and power steering systems. Gas turbine engines like jet engines also use oil filters.

In short, filters are used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes, tractors, and other vehicles. They all use components that purify the oil and remove dirt from the oil before recirculation. So, what are the functions of oil filters?

The following are engine oil filter functions

The engine produces dust particles and combustion residues, such as dust, metal debris, and oil carbon. The oil filter collects these particles from the oil before they enter the engine. The oil filter cleans the engine oil, as consistent engine performance depends on clean oil. Ash enters the oil, soils it, and causes it to thicken. The oil filter is composed of several fine holes that prevent thick oil from entering the engine from the pump. If the engine oil filter function is good, all moving parts (such as connecting rods, camshafts, and valve mechanisms) will be protected from wear and damage.

How do you know when for engine oil filter change?

The oil filter is a mechanical device that removes pollutants, dirt, and unburned fuel from the recirculation. The component only allows fresh oil to circulate into the engine and holds dirt. That's why it needs to be serviced or the oil filter needs to be replaced after a certain period of time.

The oil filter is a permanently sealed metal part, so you cannot determine when to replace it by sight. There are no instruments, gauges, or warning lights that remind you that it's time to replace the oil filter; you may not even notice the effect of a clogged or dirty oil filter on the engine.

Even if your engine may encounter these problems internally, you may not realize it until it's too late and your engine is damaged. Your engine needs a lot of clean oil to run properly. If the engine oil filter change is not regular, the filter may become severely clogged, reducing the amount of oil that enters the engine through the filter. Without this oil, your engine may suffer severe damage.

To prevent clogging of the oil filter, high-quality oil filters include a bypass valve that regulates the oil pressure inside the oil filter. If the oil filter becomes completely clogged, this bypass valve opens, allowing oil to continue to circulate to your engine. However, the oil will be dirty and unfiltered oil that bypasses the oil filter. Without this bypass valve, your engine will suffer terminal damage.

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