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Conical Air Filter For Car

Filton is able to provide conical air filters for various models. You can see our product list below and find the needed air filters to provide your cars with greater performance and dynamic. Filton offers car cone air filters with high quality and long service life that is able to company your vehicle for more miles. Filton is one of the professional car air filter manufacturers and suppliers for many automotive air filters, you can always find the air filter needed at a competitive price here in Filton.

Models of Conical Air Filter


FAQs of Conical Air Filter

  • FAQs of Conical Air Filter What are the advantages of conical air filters?

    The larger the effective area of the cylindrical surface of the conical air filter, the greater the mass of the air-fuel mixture that will flow into the combustion chamber. The driving force generated by the convergence of the air flow in the center streamline will increase the velocity and mass of the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, which will generate driving force for the automobile engine.

  • FAQs of Conical Air Filter Which models use conical air filter?

    In general, heavy-duty vehicles will use this kind of conical air filter. Because this kind of air filter will make the airflow converge in the center streamline, this kind of air filter has to intersect cone shape, the advantage is that the effective area of its cylindrical surface is larger than that of the previous filter, so as to better form the driving force.

  • FAQs of Conical Air Filter What happens when you don't change your conical air filter?

    Not changing the air filter may bring damage to other parts of your car, which would lead to a greater cost of repairing. Changing air filters should be a basic automobile maintenance process since it can prolong the life of your vehicle and save much more cost and inconvenience.

Custom Conical Air Filters For Cars

Filton is able to custom filter according to customers' needs. We have nearly 30 air filter production lines, which can produce all kinds of conical air filters. The daily output of a single production line can reach 20000. And you can also custom brand packaging, raw materials and also can send samples to us for customizing. Our R & D team can develop various types of products according to customer requirements or OE parts samples. 

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