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  • Cabin Filter Knowledge

    The function of the automobile cabin filter is to filter the air that enters the cabin from the outside to improve the cleanliness of the air. The general filter material refers to the impurities contained in the air, such as tiny particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas and dust. The effect of the air-conditioning filter is to prevent such substances from entering the air-conditioning system to damage the air-conditioning system, to provide a good air environment for the passengers in the car, to protect the health of the people in the car, and to prevent the glass from atomizing.

  • How to Maintain Your Car Filter?

    Cars must be maintained regularly. During maintenance, the oil, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter need to be replaced, which is referred to as "automobile three filters".As we all know,...

  • Chronic Suicide? How Long Has It Been Since Your Car Air Filter Changed?

    The continuous smog weather makes people worry about air quality, urban pollution is becoming more and more serious, and it is urgent to control smog. As a car owner, you are more concerned about the ...

  • The Life Cycle of the Car Carbon Filter

    The car carbon filter can usually be replaced every 10,000 kilometers or so. Simply put, every time you maintain your car, you can replace it. Secondly, the high-pressure air duct can easily affect th...

  • Maintenance Method of Car AC Cabin Filter

    Ⅰ. Clean the car AC cabin filter regularlyIf the car AC cabin filter is the "nose" of the car, the air conditioning filter is directly related to whether the nose of the passengers in the c...

  • What is Car AC Cabin Filter? What Are Its Functions?

    I. Introduction of car AC cabin filterCar AC cabin filter is generally divided into two categories: ordinary air conditioning filter and activated carbon series air conditioning filter.1. Ordinary air...

  • The Price About Car AC Air Filter

    We often turn on the air conditioner when we drive. There is a very important component in the air conditioning system, which is the car AC cabin filter. Air-conditioning filter element can filter dus...

  • How to Clean the Car AC Cabin Filter?

    1. Filter element of car AC cabin filterAt present, there are two types of car AC cabin filter in the market: ordinary car AC cabin filter and activated carbon series car AC cabin filter. Ordinary car...

  • What is the Function of Car AC Cabin Filter?

    People rely on cars for daily travel, and the air conditioner in the car is irreplaceable. The filter is an important part of the car air conditioner. The car AC cabin filter is an item to remove part...

  • Replacement Steps of Car AC Cabin Filter

    1. Installation location of the car AC cabin filterThere are two inconvenience for car owners to replace the car's AC cabin filter. The first is to find the location of the car's AC cabin filt...

  • Is the Car AC Carbin Filter the Same As the Air Filter?

    1. Is the car AC carbin filter the same as the air filter?Is the car AC carbin filter the same as the air filter? It's different. The function of the air filter element is to filter the particulat...

  • The Importance and Types of Automobile Car AC Carbin Filter

    1. The importance of the automotive car AC carbin filterThe car AC carbin filter is directly related to whether the passengers in the car can breathe healthy air. Regular cleaning of the car AC carbin...

  • Under What Circumstances Should the Car Ac Cabin Filter be Replaced?

    Ⅰ. Under what circumstances should the car AC cabin filter be replaced?1. When you have dry eyes, tired eyes, chest tightness, poor breathing, and smell sour in the car, it means that the air polluti...

  • The Difference Between the Car AC Cabin Filter and the Air Filter

    1. What is a car AC cabin filter?The car AC cabin filter is the second air filter installed in the duct system to filter out pollen and dust particles that enter the interior of the vehicle. Car AC ca...

  • Common Misunderstandings in the Use of Car AC Cabin Filters

    1. The function of the car AC cabin filter in the car is equivalent to the human's "lung"The breathing function of the lung means it continuously inhales clear air, expels turbid air, br...

  • How Often Does Car Ac Cabin Filter Change?

    There is a very important reason why car owners like to ask how often does car ac cabin filter change. That is, you can't know whether cars will be "uncomfortable" because of your own ne...

  • Tips On the Use of Automotive Cabin Filter Elements

    Car air conditioners are used most frequently in winter and summer, but many car owners do not understand the replacement cycle of cabin filters, which will affect the continued use of air conditioners in the next year.