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  • Oil Filter Knowledge

    Under normal circumstances, the various parts in the engine are lubricated by the oil to achieve normal operation, but the metal chips, dust, carbon deposits oxidized at high temperature and some water vapor will be continuously mixed in when the parts are running. In the oil, a long time will reduce the normal service life of the oil, and in severe cases, it may affect the normal operation of the engine.

    Therefore, the role of the oil filter at this time is reflected. Simply put, the main function of the oil filter is to filter most of the impurities in the oil, keep the standby oil clean, and extend its normal service life. In addition, the oil filter should also have the performance of strong filtering capacity, low flow resistance, and long service life.

  • The Development of Car Oil Filter

    Car oil filter, also known as machine filter, is located in the engine lubrication system. The upstream of the machine filter is the oil pump, and the downstream is the parts that need to be lubricate...

  • How to Distinguish True and False Car Oil Filter

    Ⅰ. Introduction of car oil filterThe car oil filter is located in the engine lubrication system. The role of the car oil filter is to filter out harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan, and to...

  • The Role and Maintenance of Car Oil Filter

    Car oil filter, also known as the machine filter, how often is it appropriate to change it? Many car owners are always worried that 4S shops or repair shops deliberately make the replacement cycle of ...

  • What Are the Types of Engine Oil Filters?

    The function of the automobile oil filter is to filter out metal wear debris, mechanical impurities and oil oxides in the oil. If these impurities enter the lubrication system along with the oil, it w...

  • What is an Auto Oil Filter?

    1. Introduction of the auto oil filterThe oil filter, also known as the machine filter, is located in the engine lubrication system. The upstream of the auto oil filter is the oil pump, and the downst...

  • The Working Principle and Replacement Cycle of Automobile Oil Filter

    As we know, the oil may be used and exposed to more by the driver. However, in some parts of oil maintenance, you may be less familiar with other parts. Today, let's see the car oil filter.1. The ...

  • What Are the Types of Oil Filters?

    1. Types of oil filterThe oil filter is composed of a filter element and a housing. The function of the oil filter is to filter the oil entering the engine to prevent the engine from being worn due to...

  • The Working Principle of Auto Oil Filter

    1. The working principle of auto oil filterNow the car has become a part of our work and life. But there are many car owners who do not maintain their cars, especially in the area of car oil filters. ...

  • Why Must the Oil Filter be Changed When the Engine Oil is Changed?

    1.Why is it necessary to change the car oil filter when changing the engine oilNo matter what kind of engine oil is used, it will lose its viscosity and protection effect after long-term use. With the...

  • Is the Heavier the Auto Oil Filter, the Better? No!

    1. Is the heavier the auto oil filter, the better?The type of material used for the filter and the construction of the filter element used depend on the design requirements of the vehicle type for whi...

  • What Happens if the Auto Oil Filter is Expired and Not Replaced?

    Ⅰ. The car oil filter needs to be replaced regularlyMany people may not pay much attention to the car oil filter. They think that small car parts are not significant for car maintenance, and it doesn...

  • How Does the Centrifugal Oil Filter Work?

    1. Centrifugal auto oil filter structureThe centrifugal oil filter is mainly composed of a housing and a filter cover, a rotor shaft, a rotor body and a rotor cover.The rotor shaft is fixed on the cas...

  • Choosing the Wrong Oil Filter is More Terrifying Than Choosing the Wrong Oil!

    Many car owners regularly clean and maintain their cars. The most basic maintenance is naturally to change the oil! When changing the oil, another thing must be changed at the same time is the oil fil...

  • Will the Adduction of the Waist of the Environmentally Friendly Oil Filter Affect the Filter Performance?

    Automobile oil filter (referred to as oil filter in short) is one of the maintenance parts most frequently contacted by car owners.Generally speaking, there are two different types of oil filters: spi...

  • Basic Knowledge About Auto Oil Filter

    1. The structure of the auto oil filterWhether it is minor or major maintenance, the auto oil filter needs to be replaced every time the car is maintained. As we all know, the main function of the fil...

  • An All-round Understanding of Auto Oil Filter

    1. The role of auto oil filterUnder normal circumstances, the normal operation of various parts in the engine is realized by the lubrication of the engine oil, but the metal chips generated during the...

  • How to Correctly Replace the Oil Filter

    Regularly changing the oil of internal combustion engine vehicles is the top priority of vehicle maintenance. It is necessary to change the oil and oil filter on time according to the oil life cycle i...

  • Let's Take a Look at the Production Site of Boma Oil Filter!

    Since the beginning of the New Year, Boma oil filter workshop has been intensely producing the out-of-stock models. After one-year processes like preparation for the project, laying production lines, ...

  • How Does Oil Filter Work?

    Ⅰ. Function of Auto Oil FilterIt is convinced that you all know that cars (except electric vehicles) need to use oil filters, but do you know how oil filters work?In fact, the working principle of th...

  • Introduction Of Automotive Oil Filter Knowledge

    Guide reading: The Filton Tech organizes the relevant knowledge introduced in the introduction of automobile oil filter knowledge, and solves the confusion encountered by the owner in the process of using the car.