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  • The Main Performance and Working Principle of Fuel Filters

    Ⅰ. Evaluation of the fuel filter's primary functions1. What is the purpose of a fuel filter?The purpose of the fuel filter is to remove iron oxide, dust, and other solid pollutants from the fuel,...

  • Replacement of Fuel Filter and Matters Needing Attention when Purchasing

    I. How to change a fuel filter for your car?Note: When working with the fuel system, do not smoke, keep the flame or spark away from the working area, and remember to let the gasoline pressure out whe...

  • The Main Function of the Fuel Filter

    Ⅰ. The main function of the fuel filterThe main function of the fuel filter is to filter out impurities in gasoline.1. The petrol fuel filter belongs to a fuel filter. The fuel filter includes both t...

  • What Are the Consequences of Using an Inferior Auto Fuel Filter?

    Ⅰ. The role of a fuel filterWhat are the consequences of using an inferior fuel filter? In fact, the main function of a fuel filter is to remove the solid debris contained in the fuel and prevent the...

  • Replacement Cycle of Fuel Filter

    1. The role of the fuel filterThe function of a fuel filter is to remove the solid impurities in the fuel, such as oxides, particulate dust, to prevent the fuel system such as fuel injectors from clog...

  • Classifications of the Fuel Filter

    1. Classifications and functions of the fuel filterThe fuel filter can be devided into three types: diesel filters, gasoline filters and natural gas filters. Its function is to remove the solid debris...

  • Basic Maintenance Knowledge of a Fuel Filter

    Ⅰ. Common sense of a fuel filter maintenanceThe fuel filter is recommended to be replaced every 10,000 kilometers, and the built-in fuel filter in the fuel tank should be replaced after driving 40,00...