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Fuel Filter

Different Types of Fuel Filters

Filton fuel filters are featured with high efficiency of filter medium and filter accuracy. It owns optimal filtration and water separation functions that can help to improve fuel cleanliness and fuel efficiency. Good raw material offers a longer replacement cycle and longer service life. It can effectively protect engine performance, reduce wear and tear and reduce maintenance costs.


Popular Fuel Filter at Filton

How often should you change the fuel filter?

There are different types of fuel filters. For example, the fuel filter of Mazda 6 is a built-in type, which is linked with the gasoline pump; while the fuel filter of Geely Boyue is an external type, which can be directly observed from the chassis, so the replacement cycle of external and internal fuel filters must be different. Generally, the replacement cycle of the external fuel filter is about 20000-40000 km, while that of the internal fuel filter is between 60000-80000 km. It is generally not recommended to replace it at 100000 km. After all, it is the part where the fuel is filtered, so there is no need to support it for too long.

How do you know when fuel filter needs changing?

First, when the power of the car engine drops. Even if the blockage degree of the gasoline filter is relatively light, it has a great impact on the engine power, especially when it is uphill or overloaded. If your fuel filter has not been replaced for a long time at this time, you should consider whether this is the reason.

Second, when the car is hard to start. Sometimes the blockage of the fuel filter will make it difficult for the fuel to atomize, which makes it difficult for the car to start when it is cold, and the ignition can be done only after many times.

Third, when the engine is shaking at idle speed. If other reasons are eliminated, it can be judged that the fuel filter is blocked, and the blockage of the fuel filter will make the fuel not be fully atomized, so the phenomenon of shaking at idle speed will occur.

Fourth, when you feel like a car is shrugging. If the fuel filter is seriously blocked, the phenomenon of shrugging is very obvious when driving at ordinary times, especially when uphill.

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