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Introduction Of Automotive Oil Filter Knowledge

Guide reading: The Filton Tech organizes the relevant knowledge introduced in the introduction of automobile oil filter knowledge, and solves the confusion encountered by the owner in the process of using the car.

Whether it is minor maintenance or major maintenance, the oil filter must be replaced every time the car is maintained. As the name suggests, the main function of the filter is to filter. Here is a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of oil filters from our oil filter factory, the main contents are as follows:

Oil filter composition: out shell + filter element

Simply put, the oil filter is mainly composed of filter paper and the shell. Of course, there are auxiliary components such as sealing ring, support spring, bypass valve, etc. The role of these auxiliary components is not small. For example, the role of the bypass valve is that when the filter paper fails due to excessive impurities, the oil will pass through the bypass. The valve flows into the engine for lubrication. However, only from the appearance, we see the oil filter as a whole, the filter paper, bypass valve, and other parts are invisible.

Oil filter function: filter impurities

Under normal circumstances, the various parts in the engine are lubricated by the oil to achieve normal operation, but the metal chips, dust, carbon deposits oxidized at high temperature and some water vapor will be continuously mixed in when the parts are running. In the oil, a long time will reduce the normal service life of the oil, and in severe cases, it may affect the normal operation of the engine.

Therefore, the role of the oil filter at this time is reflected. Simply put, the main function of the oil filter such as fiat oil filter is to filter most of the impurities in the oil, keep the standby oil clean, and extend its normal service life. In addition, the oil filter should also have the performance of strong filtering capacity, low flow resistance, and long service life.

Oil filter maintenance cycle: a vulnerable part

Under normal circumstances, dealers of various brands will classify oil filters as wearing parts. Taking FAW Toyota as an example, the warranty period of oil filters is 6 months after the delivery date or within 10,000 kilometers of mileage. In terms of replacement, basically, the oil and oil filter are replaced together. If it is used for a long time without replacing it, it may cause the oil filter to lose its function, and ultimately affect the engine's operation.

Disassembly and assembly of the oil filter

The disassembly and assembly of the oil filter are carried out during the maintenance of the 4S shop. Basically, the owner will not replace it by himself. Here I just bring you some brief introductions. When replacing the engine filter, first raise the vehicle through the lifter, and then unscrew the engine oil plug on the oil pan to drain the oil.

After the old oil in the car is drained, the old oil filter can be unscrewed by the filter wrench, and the new oil filter can be installed when the oil in the car is basically no longer leaking out. During installation, the mechanic will apply a layer of oil on the new oil filter in order to achieve a better sealing effect.

Quality recognition of oil filter

Appearance: fine and rough appearance

The fake oil filter has rough printing on the surface of the housing, and the font is usually blurred. The factory logo on the surface of the real oil filter is very clear, and the surface paint has a good texture. It is easier for a caring friend to see the difference through comparison.

In terms of filter paper: filtration capacity

The fake oil filter has a poor ability to filter impurities, which is mainly reflected in the filter paper. If the filter paper is too dense, it will affect the normal flow of oil; and the filter paper will cause a large number of unfiltered impurities to continue to flow randomly. Lead to dry friction or excessive wear on internal parts of the engine.

Bypass valve: the auxiliary function

The function of the by-pass valve is a device used to transport oil emergency when the filter paper is blocked due to excessive impurities. However, the built-in bypass valve of most fake oil filters has no obvious effect. Therefore, when the filter paper fails, the oil cannot be delivered in time, which will cause dry friction of some parts of the engine.

Gasket: seal and oil leakage

Although the gasket looks a little inconspicuous, the seal between the parts depends entirely on it. The material of the gasket in the fake oil filter is relatively poor. Under the high temperature and high intensity of the engine, it is likely to cause its sealing failure, and ultimately lead to oil leakage.

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