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Panel Air Filter Car

Filton is able to provide panel air filter car for various models. The filter paper uses plant fiber and a certain proportion of chemical fiber (10 μm diameter) as the raw material. And we apply the double-layer composite process to make the hole diameter of the air inlet surface larger than the air outlet surface. This forms of panel air filter car a funnel effect, which is beneficial to the separation and interception of dust.  By our car filter manufacturer making full use of the high-efficiency interception of chemical fiber, Filton Filter is low resistance, high efficiency, and long service life.

Models of Panel Air Filter


FAQs of Panel Air Filter

  • FAQs of Panel Air Filter What is the function of Panel air filter?

    The air filter is to prevent sand and dust from flowing into the engine, protect the cylinder, piston, and piston ring of the engine, avoid the wear of the engine caused by dust, extend the service life of the engine, make the engine work with full power, ensure the effective exertion of the engine power, and reduce the pollution to the environment.

  • FAQs of Panel Air Filter What are the advantages of panel air filter?

    The panel air filter is equipped with an ash blocking mechanism and a filter element clamping mechanism, which can further intercept the dust passing through the filter element, improve the efficiency of filtering dust, and the filter element plate can be easily replaced and clamped.

  • FAQs of Panel Air Filter What happens when you don't change your air filter?

    Not changing the air filter may bring damage to other parts of your car, which would lead to a greater cost of repairing. Changing air filters should be a basic automobile maintenance process since it can prolong the life of your vehicle and save much more cost and inconvenience. So a car air filter should be changed every 30,000 to 45,000 miles.

Custom Panel Filter Car

Filton is a panel filter car manufacturer with more than 20 years of filter production experience. Filton is able to custom filter according to customers' needs.  You can also custom brand packaging, raw materials and also can send samples to us for customizing. Our R & D team can develop various types of products according to customer requirements or OE parts samples. Filton has about 30 air filter production lines, which can produce all kinds of Panel air filters. The daily output of a single production line can reach 20000 filters.

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