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Honda Air Filter

Filton is able to provide Honda air filters for various models. Honda air filter by Filton can bring cleaner interior environment to automobile. Automobile air filter belongs to automobile products, which is composed of filter element and shell. The main requirements are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, long time continuous use without maintenance. Filton is one of the professional car air filter companies and suppliers for Honda automotive air filters, you can also find the air filter needed with a competitive price here in Filton.

Models of Honda Air Filter


FAQs of Honda Air Filter

  • FAQs of Honda Air Filter What are the benefits of changing Honda air filter regularly?

    The car engine is a very precise part, very small impurities will damage the engine. Therefore, before the air enters the cylinder, it must pass through the fine filtration of the air filter before it can enter the cylinder. The air filter is the patron saint of the engine. The state of the air filter is related to the life of the engine. If the dirty air filter is used in driving, the intake of the engine will be insufficient and the fuel will not burn completely, which will lead to the instability of the engine, the decrease of power, and the increase of fuel consumption. Therefore, the car must keep the air filter clean.

  • FAQs of Honda Air Filter What models of filter element can you provide for Honda?

    As a professional air filter element maker, we can offer replacement cabin/engine air filters for different models of Honda. Including the ones for 1998-2020 Honda Civic, 1998-2020 Honda Accord, 2000-2019 Honda CRV, Honda City, 2007-2018 Honda Fit, Honda Jazz, 2016-2019 Honda HRV, Honda Amaze, Honda Insight, and many other models. For more information and the price/cost, please contact us to check!

  • FAQs of Honda Air Filter How often should you change your air filter in your Honda?

    Honda air filter replacement cycle is generally in 20000-30000km. The owner can check and clean once in 5000km.

  • FAQs of Honda Air Filter How to install a Honda air filter?

    Most of Honda's air filters are on the right side of the engine compartment and are connected by large air intake pipes. The tools for removing the air filter are commonly used and can be prepared in advance (cross screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, hexagon sleeve, etc.). The first step is to find the position of the air filter box, and use the special tool to open the fixing device. The second step is that the old air filter is in the air filter box. Open the cover and you can see it. The third step is to judge whether the filter element needs to be replaced. You can take the filter element out of the air filter box directly, which is more convenient. Finally, if the air filter element is not too dirty, you can use the air gun to blow out the dust without replacing it. If the filter element is damaged or too dirty, it is better to replace it with a new one. When installing, refer to the installation position of the old one. It should be noted that if some models have rubber joints, the filter element can only be replaced after the joints are removed.

Applied Honda Vehicle Models

  • HONDA CIVIC VII Saloon (ES) 1.7

  • HONDA CIVIC VII Saloon (ES) 1.7

  • HONDA ACCORD V Aerodeck (CE) 2.0 i LS 16V (CE2)

  • HONDA ACCORD V Aerodeck (CE) 2.2 i ES (CE1)

  • HONDA ACCORD V Coupe (CD) 2.0 (CD9)

  • HONDA ACCORD V Coupe (CD) 2.2 i ES (CD7)

  • HONDA SHUTTLE (RA) 2.2 4x4

  • HONDA SHUTTLE (RA) 2.3 16V 4x4

  • HONDA SHUTTLE (RA) 2.2 16V

  • HONDA SHUTTLE (RA) 2.3 16V


  • HONDA ACCORD VI 2.0 Vtec

  • HONDA ACCORD VI 2.3 Vtec



Custom Air Filters For Cars

Filton is able to provide Round air filters for various models. The filter material is added with a dipping process than the ordinary hot-rolled needle-punched non-woven fabric, which can effectively improve the filtration efficiency of the product and protect the engine more effectively. Adding chemical fiber can also effectively improve the water-resistance of the product so that our filter can highly perform in a wet, rainy environment.

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