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How Should Oil and Automobile Oil Filter Elements Be Replaced and Matched?

Many automobile owners, I believe, are concerned about the quality of the oil during maintenance and use totally synthetic oil for every oil change, but are less concerned about the auto oil filter, or even never change the auto oil filter to save money on maintenance. To get useful information from Filton Filter oil filter manufacturer.

1. Is it possible to replace the oil without replacing the oil filter in the car?

The dirt holding capacity of the auto oil filter is an essential technical indication that relates to the auto oil filter's ability to filter and hold pollutants in the engine oil.

The substance and amount of filter paper in the car oil filter are closely connected to the size of the dirt holding capacity of the auto oil filter. In general, the larger the oil filter's volume, the more filter paper it contains, the better the dirt holding ability and the longer it may be utilized.

The dirt holding capacity of a vehicle oil filter determines its service life. When more than 3 grams of pollutants are present on the filter paper of an oil filter with a dirt holding capacity of 5 grams, the pressure on the oil moving through the filter will increase dramatically. When contaminants on the filter paper surpass 4 grams, the oil flow is significantly reduced, the oil pressure is low, and the lubrication system at the far end is inadequately lubricated. When the contaminants on the filter paper surpass 5 grams, the oil has a hard time passing through the filter paper, causing the auto oil filter element to get clogged.

When the dirt holding capacity of the oil filter reaches more than half, as it does in most models, the oil filter element should be replaced. Some versions feature a bigger auto oil filter design with a larger dirt holding capacity, allowing it to be used for longer periods of time and allowing the oil filter to be changed twice. However, because the oil filter in certain automobiles is small and the dirt holding capacity is low, you will need to replace the oil and filter at the same time at 5,000 kilometers, even if you use entirely synthetic oil.

2. Is it possible to use a decent oil with a low-cost auto oil filter?

Can we use any cheap, low-quality filters as the car oil filter must be updated at the same time as the oil change, after all, it is also money, so we can save?

As previously said, the amount of filter paper in the vehicle oil filter determines its dirt retaining ability. This filter paper requires unique micropores with strong filtering and circulation properties, as well as enough mechanical strength to ensure stability at engine operating temperatures.

Although some vehicle oil filters appear to be identical on the surface, the interior filter paper composition and substance are vastly varied, as is the service life. There is also a significant price variation in auto oil filters.

The oil flow rate is sluggish if the filter paper of the auto oil filter is too tiny, even though it can filter pollutants efficiently. This results in an untimely supply of oil, which causes more wear and tear on the engine. The oil will not be filtered if it passes directly via the bypass valve, despite the fact that the filter has one. If the filter paper is too big, it will not be able to filter the pollutants effectively, causing the contaminants to return to the engine components with the oil, increasing engine wear and tear.

Furthermore, poor quality car oil filter filter paper of inferior substance has a poor filtering function and is easily decomposed and dissolved into the oil, obstructing the oil channels, hastening oil degradation, and exacerbating engine wear.

Finally, a good horse requires a nice saddle. Consider what would happen if your totally synthetic oil was in fine condition but the auto oil filter lost its filtering ability, causing major engine wear and tear. In reality, a good oil filter combined with a bad auto oil filter is less efficient than an average oil filter combined with a good auto oil filter, therefore inexpensive oil filters should be used sparingly.

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