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Round Car Air Filter

Filton is able to provide Round air filters for various models. The filter material is added with a dipping process than the ordinary hot-rolled needle-punched non-woven fabric, which can effectively improve the filtration efficiency of the product and protect the engine more effectively. Adding chemical fiber can also effectively improve the water-resistance of the product so that our filter can highly perform in a wet, rainy environment.

Models of Round Air Filter


FAQs of Round Air Filter

  • FAQs of Round Air Filter How does the round air filter work?

    The round air filter is composed of a multi-layer structure from the outside to the inside. Dirty air enters from the bottom and clean air enters the engine from the top. The filter material can effectively protect the combustion of the engine by more than 99.5%.

  • FAQs of Round Air Filter What are the advantages of round air filter?

    The utility model mainly solves the technical problems that the existing integral metal cylinder air filter is too bulky, the single plastic cylinder air filter has poor resistance to a harsh environment, and the disassembly is difficult.

  • FAQs of Round Air Filter What happens when you don't change your round air filter?

    Not changing the air filter may bring damage to other parts of your car, which would lead to a greater cost of repairing. Changing air filters should be a basic automobile maintenance process since it can prolong the life of your Toyota and save much more cost and inconvenience. So a new air filter should be installed every 30,000 to 45,000 miles.

Custom Round Air Filters For Cars

Filton is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of filter production experience. There are about 30 air filter production lines, which can produce all kinds of Round air filters. The daily output of a single production line can reach 20000. You can custom brand packaging, raw materials and also can send samples to us for customizing. Our R & D team can develop various types of products according to customer requirements or OE parts samples. 

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