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Filton is one of the leading automotive car air filter manufacturers that provides Filton air filter at good prices. The air filter is an important part of a vehicle. Different car air filters can effectively remove and filter particles such as dust and impurities in the air during engine intake to ensure clean air and protect the engine from wear and tear. Filton's air filters such as the hyundai i20 air filter have many advantages such as moisture-proof dehumidification, high dust capacity, and long service life. The filtration effect of the filter is efficient, stable, and not easy to deform. It also has a stable sealing effect that is perfectly compatible with the engine.


Popular Air Filter at Filton

Qualified Air Filter VS Unqualified Air Filter

All adhesive paper 

(acrylic resin all adhesive coated filter paper)

Semi-adhesive paper 

(commonly known as starch paper)

Extremely strong water resistance, high wet stiffness, prevent moisture and air from entering and causing filtration the core fails after deformation;Strong water absorption;
Uniform pore size distribution of filter paper;Poor air permeability and filtration efficiency;
Strong air permeability and filtration efficiency;It deforms when exposed to water and is easily damaged;
Strong ash holding capacity and long service life;The pore size distribution is not uniform.
Strong breaking resistance, not easy to break.


(olefin polymer)


(vinyl acetate polymer)

High-temperature resistance 140- 160° C;High-temperature resistance 90- -105° C;
Softening point 135° C;Softening point 85° C;
Strong stickiness;Low viscosity;
Environmentally friendly, odourless and non-volatile.It has a peculiar smell and is volatile.

Qualified Air FilterHigh-quality Filton filter air filter.Regular Air FilterInferior air filter
The filter paper hasFilter paper meets water
Extremely strong water resistanceDeformation, stickiness

High temperature resistant hot melt adhesiveDuring use
Ensure that the air is not easy to leakHot melt melts causing air leakage

Does engine air filter affect gas mileage?

If the air filter is dirty, it passes less air into the engine. It can impact your gas mileage – by as much as 10 % – and it will also affect the engine performance. Your engine needs oxygen for fuel to combust. We offer different kinds of air filter such as the honda jazz air filter. Contact us now!

What are signs of bad air filter?

Common signs of a dirty air filter: Reduced fuel economy; Misfiring engine; Unusual engine sounds; Check Engine Light comes on; Air filter appears dirty; Reduced horsepower; Black sooty smoke or flames exiting the exhaust; The smell of gasoline when starting the car.

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