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Let the Engine Breathe Clean Air: Importance of Air Filters

Someone did an experiment that showed if you remove a car's air filter and drive it as usual, the wear on the cylinder is eight times greater than that of a car with an air filter, the wear on the piston is three times greater, and the wear on the piston ring is nine times greater. It goes without saying that the air filter is of great importance.

The Function of the Air Filter in Car

During its operation, the engine must intake a large amount of air. If the air is not filtered, dust suspended in the air will be sucked into the cylinder, which will accelerate the wear of the piston assembly and cylinder.

Larger particles that enter between the piston and the cylinder can cause "cylinder pulling," which is especially common in dry and sandy working environments. The air filter in car is a component that purifies the air.

The cabin filter in a car can effectively prevent dust or other impurities in the air from entering the engine cylinder through the intake system, which ensures the engine receives pure air and fuel mixture for complete combustion, thus effectively protecting the engine from normal operation. Filton Filter is a leading car air filter supplier in China, for more custom selections of air filters, inquiry now.

The Harm of Not Replacing the Air Filter in Car on Time

It is well-known that the automobile engine is a very precise machine, and even tiny impurities can damage the engine. Therefore, the air must be finely filtered before entering the cylinder.

The air filter is like a mask that people wear. If it cannot effectively filter suspended particles in the air, it will slightly accelerate the wear of the cylinder, piston, and piston rings or cause cylinder pulling, shortening the engine's service life.

Moreover, since the air filter filters the air, the cabin filter in a car is prone to accumulate dust and cause the filter's air intake holes to clog after long-term use. This will increase the intake resistance, resulting in decreased engine power.

The increased air resistance will also increase the amount of gasoline sucked into the engine, leading to excessively rich fuel-air ratio, deteriorating engine operating conditions, increasing fuel consumption, and producing carbon deposits.

The Frequency of Replacing the Air Filter in Car

Generally speaking, the recommended air filter replacement cycle is one year or 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers. However, this depends on the vehicle's driving environment, so the inspection and replacement of the air filter should not be based solely on the designated time or mileage, but should be flexible and adjusted according to the vehicle's usage environment.

Misunderstandings about Cleaning the Air Filter in Car

Can an air gun be used to clean the air filter?

This is not recommended. The air filters used in cars are generally dry filters, and their filtering materials are mostly paper or non-woven fabric. The fiber layer of the filtering material has the function of adsorbing dust particles.

If an air gun is used, the strong airflow will take the dust particles away, destroy the filter paper fibers of the cabin filter in a car, enlarge the air filter gap, and even blow the filter paper directly, which will cause the filtering performance of the air filter to be lost.

Do not use water to clean the paper air filter directly.

Paper materials are afraid of water, and there are many micropores in the air filter. If dust adheres to the surface of the filter paper, the dust in the micropores will mix with the water and become mud, blocking the micropores.

Even after the filter paper is air-dried, the micropores will be blocked by dust, causing insufficient engine air intake. Moreover, the shape, angle, and size of the micropores will change, affecting the filtering effect. Therefore, the paper filter cannot be cleaned with water.

The correct method

Clean the dust on the surface of the air filter in car with a clean, soft brush, then remove the dust by tapping and vibrating the filter. This will not damage the filtering material.

The micropores in the air filter cannot be seen clearly with the naked eye. Many tiny dust particles are firmly attached to the inside of the filter. Cleaning can only temporarily remove larger dust particles on the surface but cannot restore the air filter's filtering performance. The intake resistance will increase, and cleaning is only a temporary solution.

It is recommended to check the pollution of the air filter in car every time the engine oil and oil filter are changed during maintenance. If the pollution is severe, cleaning is not necessary, and the filter should be replaced promptly.

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