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The Function and Maintenance Method of the Air Filter Must Be Understood

There are many types of car filters, and an air filter in a car is one of them. It is more widely used in our lives because it can filter out trash, clean gasoline used in the car, provide a certain level of protection to the car, and extend its use of life. We can also find in the process of use, but whatever the product, maintenance is very important, and an air filter in a car plays a specific role in maintenance skills. In truth, the following characteristics might help you comprehend.

Ⅰ. How do you put an air filter in your car?

1. To prevent air leakage, air filter in car both ends must be installed rubber washers; fixed air filter in car outer cover of the wing nut cannot be screwed too tight, so as not to crush the paper filter element, air filter in car and engine intake pipe between either flange, rubber pipe connection or direct connection must be tight.

2. During maintenance, the air filter in the car's paper cartridge should not be cleaned with oil, since this will cause the paper cartridge to fail, as well as causing flying accidents. Only the vibration method, soft brush removal method (to brush together with the wrinkles), or compressed air back-blowing method can be used to remove dust and debris adhering to the surface of the paper cartridge when it is being maintained. Dust must be collected from the dust collecting area, the blades, and the cyclone tube in a timely manner for the coarse filter section. Even if the paper cartridge is carefully maintained each time, it will not be able to restore its original performance, and its air inlet resistance will increase. As a result, when the paper cartridge needs to be maintained for the fourth time, it should be replaced with a new air filter in car cartridge. Replace the paper cartridge immediately if it is cracked, perforated, or the filter paper and end cap are degummed.

3. When the air filter in the automobile is in operation, it must be kept dry from rain because once the paper core has absorbed a big quantity of water, it will considerably increase air intake resistance and shorten the mission. Furthermore, the paper core of a car's air filter should not come into touch with oil or fire.

4. Some car engines are equipped with cyclone air filters, the plastic cover at the end of the paper filter is a guide cover, the blade on the cover makes the air rotate, 80 percent of the dust is separated under the action of centrifugal force and collected in the dust collection wai, the dust that reaches the paper filter is 20% of the amount of inhaled dust, the total filtering efficiency is around 99.7%. As a result, be careful not to leave the plastic deflector on the filter element detached when maintaining the cyclone air filter.

Although the method of putting an air filter in a car cartridge appears hard, the operation is very straightforward for the operator since the expert is accustomed with the task on a regular basis. Filton Filter is a leading car air filter supplier in China, contact us for more information.

Ⅱ. Tips for keeping your car's air filter clean

1. Check and clean the exhaust holes on the centrifugal dust collector of the air filter in the automobile on a regular basis to maintain it clear, pour out the dust in the dust collecting tray, and use a brush to brush the dust off the deflector.

2. Keep the oil level in the oil pan at the oil level mark on the oil pan. If the oil level is too low, the air filter in the automobile will lose its filtering action; if the oil level is too high, the air intake resistance will increase, and the oil will be sucked into the cylinder, creating carbon buildup and possibly "flying car."

3. Clean the oil pan on a regular basis and refill the oil. The viscosity of the oil must be adequate; if it is too big, it is possible to clog the filter, impact the air flow, and raise air intake resistance; if it is too tiny, it is easy to oil into the cylinder and diminish the air filtering effect in the automobile. Used engine oil that has been precipitated is more cost-effective and practical.

4. Clean the air filter in your automobile on a regular basis. If the top filter is very unclean, it should be cleaned at the same time as the filter disc. Wet it with engine oil after washing and drying it, then remove the excess oil and install it. If there is a lot of dust on the inner wall of the suction pipe, it should be cleaned along with the maintenance.

5. In automotive maintenance, foam air filters are used to remove dust from the shell and clean plastic filters. Wash the filter with a washing powder or soap and water solution, submerge it in the cleaning solution, and gently squeeze it by hand to remove the dirt, then rinse it with water, dry it, and soak it in oil, squeezing out the excess oil by hand.

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