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Installation Position of Car Air Conditioner Filter and Engine Petrol Fuel Filter

1. Where is the cabin filter installed in the car?

Where is the installation location of the car air conditioning filter? I believe that many friends are not very clear. Car air conditioning filter, also known as "pollen filter", its function is to filter impurities, particles, bacteria and dust in the air entering the car, prevent the car air conditioning system from being damaged, and maintain the health of the people in the car.

The cabin filter and the air filter are similar in shape, and the filter material is lighter and more delicate than the air filter. Contains activated carbon cabin filter, double-effect cabin filter in a car has the function of filtering and deodorizing.

Normally, the air conditioner filter needs to be cleaned when the season is changed, and the air conditioner filter needs to be replaced after every 20,000 kilometers of driving.

The air conditioning filter of some vehicles is installed in front of the air conditioning blower behind the glove box. There are also some vehicles with in-car filters where the cabin filter is combined with the engine compartment under the windshield.

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2. Where is the engine petrol fuel filter located?

Gasoline is the source of energy for engine operation. During the storage and transportation of gasoline, it is inevitable that some impurities will be mixed into the gasoline. In order to prevent the impurity particles from blocking the fuel injector, a petrol fuel filter needs to be installed between the fuel tank and the fuel injector to filter gasoline.

Petrol fuel filter, also known as "fuel filter", is mainly used to filter impurities in the engine fuel system. The raw materials of petrol fuel filter can be divided into plastic shell and metal shell. Different models have different shapes of fuel filters.

The fuel filter of most cars is scattered at the bottom of the vehicle and connected in series in the oil supply pipeline from the fuel tank to the engine. Generally, after every 10,000 kilometers, the petrol fuel filter needs to be replaced.

The petrol fuel filter of some cars is placed in the gasoline tank like the fuel pump. This type of filter is generally more troublesome to replace, and the price is higher, and it is more common in Japanese cars.

3. The working principle of the centrifuge type oil filter

Centrifuge type oil filter is mainly composed of housing and filter cover, rotor shaft, rotor body and rotor cover. The rotor shaft is fixed on the filter shell, and there are 3 bushes pressed on the rotor body, which should be integrated with the rotor shaft end, and can roll freely when set on the rotor shaft.

Compression nuts fasten the rotor cover and rotor body together before being checked by a dynamic balance test. Thrust bearings are installed under the rotor, and support pads are installed on the top, which are compressed with springs to restrict the movement of the rotor shaft.

At the lower end of the rotor there are two horizontal nozzles which are opposite to each other. The centrifuge type oil filter cover and the shell have a high degree of neutrality, so that the rotor can reach a certain speed to ensure the filtering quality of the lubricating oil. The filter cover is mounted on the filter housing with a compression nut to seal the rotor.

When the engine is working, the oil from the oil pump enters the oil inlet hole of the filter. When the oil pressure exceeds 0.1 MPa, the oil inlet pressure limiting valve is opened, and the oil enters the inner cavity of the rotor through the oil outlet hole along the center hole of the casing and the rotor shaft, and then is sprayed out from the two nozzles through the oil passage.

Propelled by the reaction force of the oil eruption, the impurities in the oil are thrown to the inner wall of the rotor cover of the centrifuge type oil filter and deposited, and the clean oil flows to the oil pan through the oil outlet.

After the rotor has been in operation for a period of time, the attachments on the inner wall of the rotor will gradually increase, so the self-weight will increase, and the speed will decrease accordingly. At this time, it is necessary to replace it in time.

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