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Can Cabin Filters of Different Models Be Shared?

In the daily maintenance, the masters of many repair shops may encounter such a situation that the air conditioner filter of the suitable model is not in stock, so what should I do? Can I replace it with the air conditioner filter of other models?

The main function of the air conditioner filter is to filter the air impurities entering the car and keep the air in the car fresh. It is generally installed near the glove box of the co-pilot and connected to the car air conditioner. Therefore, in theory, three conditions need to be met if you want to share it.

1. The ventilation volume of the air filter in car

The cabin air filter is connected with the car air conditioner. Therefore, while the air cabin filter is filtering the air, it also needs to have a certain amount of air flow, also called the air volume, so as to ensure the normal operation of the car air conditioner.

If the air flow rate is too low, other parts of the car air conditioner will be easily damaged; if the air flow rate of the filter in the car is too large, the corresponding filtering effect will not be achieved.

2. Appearance and shape of the air filter in car

At present, there are more and more car brands and models on the market. Different models have different filter boxes for installing air conditioner filters, and there are various types of shapes. Therefore, if you want the air conditioner filter to be shared, it must be the same in shape.

3. Specifications and dimensions of the air filter in car

The air conditioner filter needs to be closely connected with the filter box in the process of filtering air, and there is no gap between the two, so that the air will pass through the filter under the action of air pressure, thereby achieving the filtering effect.

If there is a gap, part of the air will flow into the cabin from the gap, which cannot play a role in filtering. Therefore, if you want to share the air conditioner filter, the parameters in terms of specifications and sizes must be consistent except for the shape, so as to ensure filtration. Effect.

In theory, the air filters in the car of different models can be shared as long as the above three conditions are met. In this case, use scissors to cut air conditioner filters of different shapes and sizes into the same size, can they be shared?

The answer is obviously no. First of all, in actual use, the system of the car air conditioner will vary according to the model.

At present, the relatively large filter manufacturers on the market have a set of strict production standards for the air volume of the products when producing cabin filters.

Usually, different models have different requirements for air flow. Of course, we do not rule out that different series of models of the same brand use the same car air conditioner, but in most cases, the air flow is still not the same. too applicable.

Secondly, cutting will cut off the supporting edge of the air conditioner filter, making it impossible to fit the filter box in the car 100%, which will cause gaps and thus fail to achieve the filtering effect.

And it will be accompanied by "whining" noise, so it is not advisable to achieve the same shape and size by cutting.

Any different car model has a matching air conditioner filter, which must be carefully checked before purchasing or replacing. Different models of products may look similar in appearance, but in fact there are differences in size parameters and process requirements. Difference.

We must not hard plug or cut the air filter in car during the daily maintenance process. This will not only have no filtering effect, but may also cause other problems due to small losses.

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