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Maintenance Method of Car AC Cabin Filter

Ⅰ. Clean the car AC cabin filter regularly

If the car AC cabin filter is the "nose" of the car, the air conditioning filter is directly related to whether the nose of the passengers in the car can breathe healthy air.

Generally, the car AC cabin filter can filter the air entering the compartment from the outside, improve the cleanliness of the air and ensure the health of passengers in the vehicle. If the vehicle often passes through dusty roads, it is very important to keep the car ac cabin filter clean. In the colder temperature in winter, some car owners close the window when driving, only turn on the internal circulation, and do not turn on the air conditioner. Some people pointed out that this practice is not correct. After driving for a long time, it will cause air turbidity in the car and bring certain hidden dangers to human health.

Normally, the car AC cabin filter needs to be replaced once when the vehicle travels 8000 ~ 10000 km. Usually, it only needs to be cleaned regularly at the turn of each season, especially after winter. Car AC cabin filter can also be cleaned by yourself, which is not difficult.

Ⅱ. Maintenance of car AC cabin filter

According to the maintenance cycle of the vehicle, under normal road conditions, the car AC cabin filter should be cleaned and maintained every 5000 km. In areas with large dust and poor ambient air quality, the maintenance interval mileage shall be shortened accordingly.

1. Stop the engine. Make sure that the vehicle is cooled off for 15 ~ 20 minutes, then open the engine compartment cover and find the location of the air conditioning filter. The car AC cabin filter such as vw cabin filter is generally located on the right side of the engine compartment. You can view the position identification on the vehicle manual.

2. Remove the filter element. Open the latch of the filter cover, remove the nut fixing the cover, open the baffle and take out the filter element. When taking out the filter element, pay attention to prevent impurities from falling into the carburetor.

3. Clean the filter element. Check whether there is much dust on the filter element. Tap the end face of the filter element gently, and blow the compressed air from inside to outside to remove the dust on the filter element. If there is no compressed air, gently tap the filter element with a screwdriver handle, and then clean the external dirt with a brush. Do not use gasoline or water brushes. If the car AC cabin filter has been seriously blocked, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

4. After the filter element is cleaned, install the components in the reverse order of disassembly.

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