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Chronic Suicide? How Long Has It Been Since Your Car Air Filter Changed?

The continuous smog weather makes people worry about air quality, urban pollution is becoming more and more serious, and it is urgent to control smog. As a car owner, you are more concerned about the purification of the air in the car. Summer and winter are the seasons when air conditioners are used most frequently, and air conditioners are also one of the most important system components in the car. And often drive with the air conditioner, do you know how often the car air conditioner filter is changed? Irregular replacement of car air conditioner filters is equivalent to chronic suicide! Come and refresh your knowledge today!

Ⅰ. The role of car air conditioning filter

There is cold air in the car in summer and warm air in winter, but do you know where the wind comes from?

At present, most cars use an integrated heating and cooling system. In simple terms, the ventilation principle of the air conditioner is that the blower draws the outside air into the air intake duct, and after passing through the evaporating box, the car air conditioner filter or the filter screen, it flows along the air supply duct and enters the car through the air outlet in the car. The air-conditioning wind comes from the outside air, pm2.5, pm10, dust, catkins, etc.

1. The car air conditioner filter is like a human lung. When you turn on the external circulation of the air conditioner, the car carbon filter can block the invisible fine particles in the air, such as dust, dust, etc., as well as various unpleasant odors, to ensure that the air entering the car is clean. If the car air conditioner filter is dirty and the filtering function disappears, these invisible bacteria and fine dust will be blown into the car through the air conditioner and be sucked into the lungs.

2. Comparing the removed car air-conditioning filter with the new air filter, you will find that your car air-conditioning filter has dust and debris flying around, and the cleaned car air-conditioning filter is still unsatisfactory.

Ⅱ. What will happen if the car air conditioner filter is not properly maintained?

1. If the car carbon conditioner filter is not properly maintained, a large amount of dust and dirt will accumulate on the surface of the filter plate, radiator, evaporator, and fins, causing airflow blockage; and your air conditioner will also have reduced cooling and heating effects, increasing consumption. The phenomenon of electricity and noise will reduce the service life of the air conditioner.

2. What is more serious is that the odor in the car will also endanger the health of the driver and passengers. If you stay in this environment for a long time, people will feel dizzy, nauseated, and even induce respiratory diseases.

Ⅲ. General car filter replacement frequency

1. The car air-conditioning filter after overuse has no effect of normal air-conditioning filter, and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

2. Car owners know that after a period of use of the car carbon filter, a lot of dust and dirt will accumulate in the air inlet and evaporation box, especially in the peak season of infectious diseases in spring, if the car owner does not clean it in time, it may cause some body problems.

Ⅳ. Clean the air conditioner, replace the car air conditioner filter

The air conditioner can adjust the temperature inside the car, remove the moisture so that the air in the car can be fully circulated, and isolate the pollutants in the air. However, due to the influence of the external environment, the ventilation pipeline of the car air conditioner and the car air conditioner filter will be polluted. There will be residual moisture in the evaporator and air conditioning lines, and various bacteria can easily develop in a dark and warm environment. Bacterial growth can be effectively reduced by replacing the car filter and cleaning the air duct.

Since the air conditioning system will affect the air quality in the car, when the bad weather such as haze and sandstorm arrives, it will be more wise to choose the internal circulation of the air conditioner.

Experts said that the time to replace the car filter mainly depends on the external environment. In Germany, an Audi A8 can run for 50,000 kilometers before replacing it once. If the car is used in the case of severe smog, it is best to take 3 months. Change the car air conditioner filter once, or if you feel a strange smell when the air conditioner is turned on, it is better to replace it in time. Moreover, the general filter is a consumable and the price is cheap, so the price of the car air conditioner filter is naturally the same, so there is no need to save this money. For our health, it is necessary to replace the car air conditioner filter regularly.

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