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Filton Adheres to the Eternal Purpose of "Customer Satisfaction" to Create Excellent Automotive Four-filter Products

Faced with increasingly fierce market competition, improving customer satisfaction has become an important goal of Filton. Over the years, Filton has strengthened product quality and internal management through continuous efforts, and has won unanimous praise from new and old customers. This is inseparable from Filton's adherence to the customer-focused quality management principle. In 2022, Filton will focus on this and make unremitting efforts to win customer's satisfaction!

The principle of customer-focused quality management is the foundation of Filton:

Filton's sales department has a customer service system integrating pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service. In order to better serve customers, the company organizes training on product quality and production technology for domestic and foreign sales teams at the beginning of the new year, so that sales staff can better deliver products with high quality and craft advantages to customers.


On the other hand, the sales teams constantly understand customer needs in their daily work, start from the actual situation and quickly solve customers' pain points by coordinating the company's internal resources, thinking about what customers think, doing things that customers do not expect, and striving to exceed customers' expectations! At the same time, at the management level of the company, they establish the awareness of "customer first" for all employees, and also understand that the essence of "customer first" is through the professionalism of both parties and the common contract spirit to make cooperation successful and enjoy the prosperity together.


In addition, Filton, as an automobile four-filter manufacturer, strictly complies with the requirements of the IATF16949 quality management system. From the customer's point of view, products are strictly reviewed during the production and delivery stages, and products are independently evaluated according to customer requirements to ensure product quality. At the same time, through product review, we can also find deficiencies and room for improvement, so as to achieve the company's continuous improvement.


According to the requirements of the IATF16949 quality management system, the company conducts surveys on customer satisfaction every six months and listens to customers' opinions and suggestions from many aspects such as new product development, product delivery, and after-sales service. In response to the suggestions put forward by customers, we have made targeted improvements from the inside, aiming to provide customers with more satisfactory services.


Quality is the foundation of a company's survival, the lifeline of its operations, and the lifeblood of its long-term development. In the future, Filton will continue to take quality as the foundation and customer satisfaction as its purpose, and do its best to promote the development of the automotive filter industry!

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